American Kiosk Management LLC (AKM) is the largest Owner Operated Specialty Retailer in the world.  Beginning in 1997 with one Metabolife cart location, the company has grown to over a thousand locations throughout North America representing numerous well known consumer focused brands. The journey has included ventures in Australia, New Zealand, and Puerto Rico.  AKM has served over 50,000,000 guests and currently serves over three million guests per year.

  • AKM is the largest owner operated specialty retailer in the world

  • Over 1,000 staffed & automated locations in North America

  • Over 50 million lives have been changed by AKM

  • AKM represent the largest direct response company in the world.

  • AKM has sold over 1.5 billion dollars of product in the common area of malls

  • AKM has expertise in all retail disciplines

  • AKM was founded in 1997

  • AKM was inducted into the Specialty Retail Hall of Fame

  • AKM was mentioned in the New York Times

For locations where mall customer traffic counts could not sustain a “staffed cart/kiosk”, AKM worked with Zoom Systems Company, a provider of “Automated Retail Units”, to place these machines in shopping malls, distributing Proactiv Solutions products. AKM interacts with the Zoom company data systems to approve all locations, reorder products, analyze customer preferences, and handles all the Zoom logistics.

AKM receives proposals to distribute other companies’ product lines on a very frequent basis, and only chooses those that are from reputable companies that have a unique business proposition that can scale up quickly leading to a national presence in specialty retail.

Our Client List

Since 1997 we have operated 1000’s of stores for multiple clients. Some have been tests that went on to be larger roll-outs, some were designed to put product in front of consumers to read their reaction for a limited period of time, and some were designed to test the viability for stand-alone retail vs being part of an assortment on-shelf with a larger retailer.  Some well-known retail brands engage AKM for our operational expertise in specialty retail with the understanding they would ultimately run it themselves. Whatever the reason, AKM has enjoyed a long history with some well-known consumer brands.


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