Vision Statement

American Kiosk Management strives to be the leading Retail Management Company in the Specialty Retail Industry. We accomplish this by representing trusted brands and by partnering with companies that seek to expand. We will adapt to the ever changing competitive market place and share our best practices with partners. We accomplish this by being active in the industry and by providing excellent customer service to our team members, guests and partners. We seek to hire the highest quality talent to be a part of our team and to develop our employees to become future leaders within the organization. We will provide stakeholder value by enhancing sales, profits and growth.

We will continue to give back to our communities and support worthwhile causes.

Our Core Values

Integrity, Ethics, Character and Honesty

We act with honesty and integrity in all that we do.  We have the highest ethical and moral standards in dealing with each other and our guests. We are beyond reproach. “Character is what you have when no one is watching”.

 Customer Service Excellence

We provide outstanding customer service to each other and to our guests.  We are engaged, enthusiastic and passionate about helping our guests and team members. We live by the motto, “Our guests don’t care how much we know, until they know we care.


We are all accountable for our actions and our jobs.  We manage the overall financial and operational affairs of our company with the highest standards and the utmost integrity.

Enthusiasm and Passion

We are engaged, enthusiastic and passionate about our guests, our products and the services that we offer.  We strive to impact positively the lives of our guests and our team members.


We continue to looks for ways to grow and expand our products and services. We do this by investing in the development of our employees, products and services. We will continue to grow our knowledge, customer service and all skills to be successful.

Team Work and Fun

We believe that working together as a team can achieve outstanding results.  We are committed to having fun while working together towards our common goals. We believe that work should be fun and we support and care for each other both personally and professionally.

Leadership and Development

We provide a variety of learning opportunities to our team members to enhance their skills and maximize their potential.


We value the power of differences within the individuals that make up our organization. We believe that a more diverse mix of cultural backgrounds, qualities, experiences and work styles that make individuals unique, contributes to a richer set of perspectives and to the success of the business.


We are courageous in our thinking and in our actions, therefore we are not afraid to take chances.


We inspire our team members to expand their capabilities and acknowledge and recognize and reward individual and team accomplishments.

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